Grammar at Raven Row


Here is a link to GRAMMAR

This was the performance devised by me for those who came to the workshops at Raven Row, Summer 2017.

Please would the cast contact me, so that I can add all their names here.


Here is a link to the Amsterdam performance of GOING

(The image shows the US performance, with Mickey Greenall, Peter Stickland, Anthony Howell and Glenys Johnson)



Art Monthly Review

Sept 29 2017IMG_20170806_164521

Fay Laflin in GRAMMAR – Raven Row 6 Aug 2017

Hi All

Hope you are all well.
I am attaching the recent review from Art Monthly for In Case There’s a Reason.

It’s relatively benign and there are some factual inaccuracies, for example the Soap work to which he refers, was indeed credited.
Otherwise its pretty journalistic.
Master of Fine Art Programme Leader