Grammar at Raven Row


Here is a link to GRAMMAR

This was the performance devised by me for those who came to the workshops at Raven Row, Summer 2017.

Please would the cast contact me, so that I can add all their names here.


Here is a link to the Amsterdam performance of GOING

(The image shows the US performance, with Mickey Greenall, Peter Stickland, Anthony Howell and Glenys Johnson)



Art Monthly Review

Sept 29 2017IMG_20170806_164521

Fay Laflin in GRAMMAR – Raven Row 6 Aug 2017

Hi All

Hope you are all well.
I am attaching the recent review from Art Monthly for In Case There’s a Reason.

It’s relatively benign and there are some factual inaccuracies, for example the Soap work to which he refers, was indeed credited.
Otherwise its pretty journalistic.
Master of Fine Art Programme Leader

Another slideshow of images from Raven Row

Some of the most arresting images from our exhibition at Raven Row in the Summer of 2017

The images feature veterans of The Theatre of Mistakes, participants in the workshops, and a performer from the cast of “Going”.

Credits for photographers and all who performed to follow here: Mark Blower, Fay Laflin, Arabella Howell, Ana Genoves, Lucienne Cole and many more.