The Street


The Street was performed by The Theatre of Mistakes in July, 1975.  It was devised by members of the company nucleus – Anthony Howell, Fiona Templeton, Michael Greenall and Patricia Murphy.  Drawing from “The Gymnasium” – a comprehensive collection of performance exercises devised by the company – a performance was created which required some nine weeks of rehearsal on the same London street – Ascham Street in Kentish Town.  This performance featured a chorus of performers in the first floor windows, and any passerby walking up the pavement on the left would trigger closure of the windows – which in turn caused most the performers in the street to fall to the ground.  A passerby walking up the pavement on the right would trigger the opening of the windows and the continuation of the chorus which in turn triggered the continuation of the performance.  The chorus itself was created out of snippets of conversation overheard from the street below.  These were repeated additively in instant, repetitive sonnet forms.  The performance also featured the externalisation of residents’ living rooms (their furniture including televisions placed on the pavements), an interior decorated skip, and slow motion children who followed a slow motion ice-cream van into the deepening twilight.

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